BMPS Grand Finals Top Fragger List Day 2 - Check Who is first

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) has completed halfway, with two days more remaining but the winners are already concluded their Crown at the top. Team Soul with their magnificent performance has so far created 33 points lead against the second-ranking team Global Esports. Two of the Soul players are on our top fraggers list today, Akshat coming out on no.1 with 27 finishes, thought Eggy from Enigma Gaming also has 27 finishes but Akshat gave more damage than any other player in BMPS. 

bmps grand finals top fraggers day 2

The fight is still on until the very last day of BMPS Grand Finals, June 12th. Finishes play an important role in contributing to team victory and team soul has dominated with 73 eliminations in total throughout the BMPS 2022 Grand Finals. 

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BMPS Finals Day 2 Top Fragger 

bmps finals day 2 top fragger list

Soul Goblin completely slaughtered the lobby today, with back-to-back MVP's in three matches. His contribution to the team lead them to topping out the overall standings. Enigma Eggy on the other hand played his role well and secured 13 finishes while their team is ranking third in overall standings of the day 2. 

Soul Akshat, with 12 finishes today, he conquered the overall top fragger. Hydra Jaxon also secured 12 finishes in today's matches but missed out a chicken dinner against Enigma Gaming. 

BMPS Finals Overall Top Fragger 

BMPS finals overall top fragger list

1. Soul Akshat with 27 finishes
2. Enigma Eggy with 27 finishes
3. Soul Goblin with 23 finishes
4. GE Rony with 22 finishes
5. FS K47st with 20 finishes

Soul Akshat absolute destructive performance in BMPS Grand Finals. He made a great impact on team's overall performance as expected. Lets see if he continues his reign in upcoming matches on the third day as well.


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