BMPS League Week 3 Day 9 Points Table with Matches Overview

OR Esports is still in top place with 491 points after Day 9 of the BMPS league stage, with 235 finishes and nine chicken dinners. Team Soul finished second after an outstanding effort, while Team XO dropped a spot to third in the overall standings.

bmps week 3 day 9 points table

Nigma Galaxy had an ordinary day, but their win in the final match helped them finish fourth with 340 points. Global Esports came in fifth, followed by Hydra Official.

Meanwhile, in the 52nd match of the league stage, Enigma Gaming had their first chicken dinner. With 310 points, the squad placed seventh in the overall standings.

7SEA and Blind Esports are the only two teams in the top 16 who have yet to be served a chicken dinner. They are now ranked 10th and 14th, respectively.

BMPS League Week 3 Day 9: Matches Overview

The first match of week three was between Group A and Group C, and Global Esports won with 10 eliminations. They won their third chicken feast after defeating Team XO in the final circle. With 15 finishes, GOG Esports placed in third, followed by FS Esports.

After defeating Autobotz in the last zone, Marcos Gaming won the second match by an eight-kill margin. Nigma Galaxy, on the other hand, finished third with only two kills. Blind Esports finished with a total of 12 points, including six first-place finishes. Hydra and OR Esports, on the other hand, were eliminated with two and one points, respectively.

OR Esports were overpowered throughout the match until Soul Akshat made a surprising 1v2 clutch. OR Esports' Aditya and Jelly were caught off guard because it appeared to be an easy win for them. Unfortunately for Team Soul, they were victorious. OR Esports, on the other hand, came out on top, taking second place with 12 finishes.

Kinetic, the underdog squad, took fourth place with 14 kills. Team Soul put in another strong showing, finishing in second place with five eliminations. With 11 frags, Hyderabad Hydras took third place, followed by Marcos Gaming.

With seven kills, Enigma Gaming took the fifth match. WSF came in second with 11 finishes, while Autobotz came in third with three. Team Soul had a bad match, as they were eliminated without earning any points.

In the final match of the day, Nigma Galaxy astonished everyone by securing an unpredictable chicken feast. With nine and fourteen finishes, GOG and Enigma came in second and third, respectively.

BMPS League Week 3 Day 9 Points Table

bmps league week 3 day 9 points table

bmps league week 3 day 9 points table 2

bmps league week 3 day 9 points table 3


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