BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals 3 BGMI teams to look out for

On June 9, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 Grand Finals will take place in India. The finals will take place over four days, ending on June 12th. The best 16 teams in the country will compete in a total of 24 matches to determine who would be named champion.

bmps season 1 grand finals

At 5 p.m., the action will be broadcast live on the Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel. The top three contenders for the coveted championship are listed below.

Top 3 teams to look out for in BMPS Grand Finals

1) Team XO

The team has a reputation for being dependable, and the League Stages proved it. It's become evident that Sensei is a very astute IGL who also knows how to handle his teammates.

The squad got off to a rough start in the BMPS, finishing 17th after the first week. By the end of the League Stages, they had proven their character and were in third position. Skyesports Grand Slam and Upthrust Esports 2022 champions will compete for their first official BMPS trophy. In the BGIS 2021, they came in third place.

2) Team Soul

Soul, India's most popular mobile gaming team, has had a good run in recent months. They finished first in their BMOC group and first in the BMPS League Stage following Week 1. However, by the end of the three-week League Stage, they came in second position.

Goblin and Akshat have been on fire, and Hector's support and Omega's rotations are steadily improving. Goblin was also the first player in BMPS to reach the 100-kill milestone.

The legendary gaming squad has been practising on Android phones since Week 2 of the League Stages, which will undoubtedly benefit them in the finals, as Krafton has revealed that the finals will be contested on the iQ00 Neo 6. This will ensure that all of the teams competing against each other are on an equal footing.

3) OR Esports

OR Esports topped the League Stages, dominating the competition. They were the only team to reach 550 points, and despite a poor performance last week, they held a 40-point lead over the second-placed club. Aditya has been one of the tournament's greatest players, while Jelly has proven to be a capable leader. The club will be one of the favourites to win the championship.

In the BGIS 2021, the team finished eighth, with Skylightz Gaming taking first place. After BGIS 2021, Vexe and Evoo, who were on the roster, quit the team. Prior to the BMOC, Attanki and Jelly joined the team and have since put in a strong showing. The 7Sea BGMI Invitational, a 20K USD event, was recently won by the team.


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