BMPS Week 3 Day 11 Points Table with Top Fragger List

With four matches remaining for each team in the BMPS Season 1 League, the top 16 finalists' outlook is murky at best, with only 36 points separating the 14th and 21st ranked teams.

So far in the tournament, OR Esports has 533 points and 257 kills. However, the team has struggled in the last two days, although they remain in first place in the overall rankings due to a large points deficit with the second-placed squad.

bgmi day 11 points table

After securing a chicken dinner in the final match of the day, Team XO (465) recaptured second place from Team Soul (464). In 44 games, the team has eight chicken dinners and 208 finishes, while Soul has five chicken dinners and 249 kills.

Nigma Galaxy (409) is 55 points behind Squad Soul and eight points ahead of Global Esports, the fifth-placed team. On the final day of the league, the team will have to be consistent.

With 374 and 370 points, respectively, Hyderabad Hydras and Hydra are in sixth and seventh place, followed by Enigma Gaming. With 294 and 287 points, Blind and Team INS finished 14th and 15th, respectively.

In the league stage, each team has now taken at least one Chicken Dinner. OR Esports has the most chicken meals with nine, followed by Team XO with eight, Team Soul with five, and Hyderabad Hydras with four (5).

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BGMI BMPS Week 3 Day 11: Overall Standings, Points Table

bmps week 3 day 11

bmps week 3 day 11 points table

bmps week 3 day 11 points table

BMPS Day 11 Top Fragger List

  1. Soul Goblin with 109 finishes. 
  2. OR Aditya with 90 finishes. 
  3. XO Fierce with 75 finishes. 
  4.  BB Scream with 71 finishes. 
  5. OR Attanki with 70 finishes.

BMPS Season 1 League Week 3 Day 11: Matches Overview

With nine kills, Marcos Gaming won the first match between Group B and Group C at Erangel. Team Kinetic and R Esports finished second and third, respectively, with three and nine points, while OR Esports and Soul earned eleven and ten points.

With eight eliminations in the BMPS League's 62nd match, GOG Esports secured their first chicken supper. With five kills each, Team INS and Enigma came in second and third. Team Soul continued to play aggressively, claiming eleven victories.

With six finishers on the Sanhok map, Enigma emerged victorious. With five and two kills, Autobotz and INS maintained their second and third ranks, respectively.

Global Esports grabbed control of the fourth match of the day with 13 eliminations. With five kills, Nigma Galaxy came in second, followed by Marcos Gaming. With two and one points, respectively, OR Esports and Enigma were eliminated.

With 12 and 7 kills, the Hyderabad Hydras and Team XO won the fifth and sixth matches, respectively. In the fifth match, XO's Fierce was named MVP, while RE's Kanary was named MVP in the sixth match.

You can watch stream on youtube if you haven't watched it yet.


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