Shadow Joined GodLike Esports

 After days of controversy between two giants in India, ex-TSM Player made it official with GodLike Esports. 

Godlike Shadow

Arjun Mandhalkar, alias Shadow, has joined GodLike Esports' BGMI roster in a spectacular turn of events. For a long period, the crew had been seeking for an IGL, and they finally discovered one in Shadow. GodLike Esports did not fare well in the PMGC 2021 finals in 2022, finishing 13th. They were also ousted in the fourth round of BMOC, preventing them from qualifying for BMPS Season 1.

Shadow's entrance into GodLike was a difficult procedure. TSM claimed unprofessionalism and poaching in a social media post. They stated that they were willing to loan players to other clubs, but other clubs refused to negotiate transfer agreements, forcing TSM to release the player.

GodLike BGMI roster

1. Jonathan- Assaulter

2. Neyoo- Entry Fragger

3. Shadow- IGL

4. ClutchGod- IGL

5. Gill- Support

6. ZGod- Support

GodLike created an announcement video and captioned it on Instagram.

 Godlike signed Viru and Gill earlier this year, but the results were not favourable, and with the addition of Shadow, they will be looking to do well in the forthcoming events. In the coming months, two LAN competitions (Nodwin and Skyesports) will be conducted, and the squad hopes to win at least one of them.

The 2018 BGMI Nodwin Masters Series will take place in India over the course of a month, beginning on June 24.

GodLike Replies TSM 

An official statement was made by GodLike Esports on their Instagram handle, which follows through use of strong words against TSM and all the haters out there. 

"We do not victimise esports players on SM platforms. We do not exploit esports players. We do not indulge in mud slinging in the community. We do not abuse players. We are true to our brands. We are fighters and respond to fair approach. If someone think he can instigate us to get down to their level by crying foul, we will not. We will disintegrate instead of trying to spoil someone's career. We are Godlike."


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