Ex-TSM Player Shadow Controversy Against TSM Organization in India, Godlike blamed for illegal poaching

TSM, or Team Solo Mid, is one of the most well-known Esports organisations in the world. They partnered with the Indian esports company Entity Gaming roughly three years ago to strengthen their presence in India. They continued as a separate organisation until TSM-Entity disbanded in 2021. They obtained rosters for Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire, among other games. TSM India was recently involved in a player poaching scandal involving Shadow, which has sparked a major debate in the BGMI Esports gaming community.

tsm shadow controversy with godlike

TSM FTX India purchased the ST8 esports lineup for BGMI after they disbanded in 2021. They also finished second in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series, the first-ever official BGMI competition (BGIS). Their manager, Nizhum Karmakar aka Armin, has alleged on social media that one of their players, Shadow, the in-game commander of the BGMI squad, is being illegally stolen by another Indian esports organization. The current poaching dispute in the BGMI community will be discussed in this article.

In short, other organisations are not technically allowed to contact the players of other organisations unless the contract-owning organisation permits it. Other groups have circumvented the legal route of contacting the parent organisation and spoken directly with the athletes to recruit them. This is against the law and goes against the spirit of sport.

In the Indian gaming world, poaching is fairly widespread. We've seen many situations in the past where a player was poached by another team. TSM India just shared the following on their social media account.



According to speculations, Team GodLike, one of India's largest Esports groups, approached Shadow without TSM India's permission. This occurrence sparked a firestorm of discussion. GodLike was previously chastised for abruptly releasing Viru and Gill from Team X-spark. Shadow, a player, also voiced his opinion on the subject by putting the above note on his social media account. TSM and their manager both responded to Shadow's article on the subject.

TSM India has said that they have remained ready to loan him out to another organization and encourage any interested organizations to reach out to us, through the normal league process. A standard practice in our industry is that the organization needs only to reach out to TSM. This has been communicated to Shadow for weeks. The current situation exists only because other organizations do not wish to do a loan and/or transfer agreement, as a professional organization would.


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