GodLike Esports and TSM India to fight legal battle amid BGMI pro Shadow poaching controversy

tsm vs godlike esports

The days of squabbling between TSM and GodLike over BGMI player Shadow's move have come to an end. TSM India said on Twitter a few hours ago that they will take legal action against GodLike Esports.

This follows high-profile social media turmoil, with leaders, directors, and coaches from both organisations taking to Twitter and Instagram to express their views on the situation. As the worldwide esports community watches to see how the Indian authorities manage the problem, the controversy has crossed boundaries.


TSM, according to the organisation, had not filed any legal action and had resorted to calling them out on Twitter, implying that they were breaking the law.

TSM India will take legal action against GodLike Esports

The incident has devolved into a social media shambles as a result of the public calling out of individuals. With so much going on, it's critical to get the facts straight before drawing conclusions about the situation.

TSM had benched its IGL Arjun "SHADOW" Mandhalkar as the BGMI Masters approached. The athlete supposedly approached GodLike a few days ago, requesting to join their organisation, and they accepted. Arjun is said to have written TSM a "Letter of Termination."

TSM Mobile Director Jeff Chau also tweeted about the legal action, pointing out the fact that it had to come to this.

He had earlier tweeted that TSM would be happy to loan the player to any BGMI organisation that was interested. To illustrate his claim, he even released WhatsApp conversations between management and the player.




TSM's legal path has gotten a lot of attention on social media 

The conflict between the two organisations has sparked a lot of international interest. TSM's legal action against GodLike has sparked reactions from esports personalities all over the world.


A good point concerning Shadow's career was raised by a few users. The legal process to disentangle the matter will take months, and this will surely have a negative impact on him.



Because of the country's still-emerging position of esports, some were apprehensive that Indian authorities would be unconcerned about the issue.

The only silver lining is that the social media toxicity between the two organisations will likely be muted, at least until the court verdict is issued. Whatever the case may be, Shadow appears to be on his way to the Masters later this month.



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