How did BGMI pro Snax get injured ahead of upcoming Masters Series LAN event

On Tuesday day night well-known BGMI athlete Savitar broadcast live on Instagram to document the activities leading up to the upcoming 22-day LAN event in Delhi. At that time, he posted a video showing his coworker Snax getting hurt while playing with his friends.

snax gaming injury before lan event

Snax is one of the most well-known esports competitors and content producers in the BGMI. Many fans have been motivated by his rise from an underdog to one of the top professionals in the nation. He currently works as a content creator for S8UL and an esports player for Team XO.

How did it happened ?

The gamers decided to try arm wrestling on Tuesday night as they were engaged playing different games with one another. Snax and Madman were observed engaging in the act on Savitar's Instagram live.

The match was won by the latter after a final push, but Snax's right elbow fractured when it landed awkwardly on the table.

Snax posted an update on his health earlier today via a story on his Instagram account. He said that because his friends and family are by his side, he is "in excellent hands."

The video game celebrity continued by saying that he had been urged to get surgery, which would enable him quickly go back to normal.

Additionally, he praised his supporters and urged his followers not to worry.

However, this suggests that Snax won't participate in the forthcoming LAN competition, which is a major loss for his team, Team XO.

It would be interesting to see how Sensei manages to guide his side to victory without one of his great players.


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