Soul Goblin BMPS Grand Finals Top Fragger is on Fire


soul goblin bmps finals mvp

The killing machine Soul Goblin has completed 200 career finishes in 78 BGMI Official matches which is just marvelous to achieve as Esports player. Since, the new lineup for Team Soul was announced goblin showcased his aggressive playstyle which destroyed his enemies in style. BGMI community appreciated his gameplay and his popularity skyrocketed as Team Soul's most dominating player in history. 

In BMPS Grand Finals 2022 Goblin has accumulated over 54 finishes overall. From becoming MVP back to back in BMPS to scoring 13 finishes in a single match, Soul Goblin has proved himself to be an excellent talented BGMI Player. 

soul goblin 13 finishes in bmps grand finals

Goblin reminds us of Jonathan since their playstyle is quite similar. With 120 finishes in BMPS League Stage, 54 BMPS Grand Final finishes so far, 19 BMOC finishes, and 8 BGIS finishes. This player is India's future in the Esports scenario as he performs consistently in every official tournaments. 

BMPS Finals Top Fragger List 

bmps grand finals top fragger with finishes

No.  Player Name Total Finishes 
1  Soul Goblin  54
2  Soul Akshat  36
3  Enigma Eggy  35
4  NGX MJ  28
5  INS Joker  28


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