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BGMI Master Series Week 2 Finals Day 1 Points Table, Top Fragger and Short Overview

BGMI Master Series Week 2 Finals Day 1 Points Table, Top Fragger and Short Overview

BGMI Master Series Week 2 Finals Day 1 commenced with some amazing comeback performances from teams like GodLike Esports, Rivalry Esports, Team Xspark, etc. The competition level of the game has skyrocketed and fan-favorite teams, in particular, are performing up to the audience’s expectations.

BGMI Master Series Weekly Finals day 1 point table

The Weekly Finals Day 1 has ended with surprising overall ranking positions which don’t have many differences in terms of points. GodLike without any chicken dinner stand tall at that number 1 spot for the weekly finals in four matches. For the first time in BGMI Masters Series, they have achieved that number 1 ranking position in the points table.

BGMI Master Series Week 2 Finals: Top Fragger

Master Series Week 2 finals top fragger


Jonathan with astonishing 16 finishes in 4 matches, was some powerful comeback that audiences were missing for a long time. A much-expected performance from this player was the highlight of the day as he lifts up his team to the number 1 spot.
With 26, Finishes GodLike Esports is coming back to its form and showing the true nature of their gameplay to conquer this tournament.


BGMI Masters Series Weekly Finals Day 1: Chicken Dinner with Short Review

Considering the performance that teams have shown in today’s matches was something exciting to watch as GodLike is rocking the Number 1 spot. Scout gave his interview and answered the question regarding his performance is supposedly not up to the mark as his reputation in BGMI Community. He said,” Slowly we’re improving on our teamwork and strategies and now we are achieving that level of performance that fans expect out of us. we’ll surely not disappoint anyone’s expectations.”

Match 1: Orange Rock Esports Chicken Dinner with 10 Finishes

BGMI Master Series Weekly Finals Day 1 OR Chicken Dinner
OR Aaru clutched it out at the crucial moments of the match when Team Xspark’s two players were marching towards them and he took both of them down single-handedly. Team Xspark had clearly the numbers advantage but couldn’t get the chicken for themselves and gave it away to Orange Rock who has been performing well in this tournament.
GodLike Jonathan’s performance in this match was worth watching, his fierce pushing into the enemy’s territory was incredible and well-executed. Today the old GodLike was back again with aggression which they are known for, Comeback was made in style as Jonathan gets back his MVP Tag with Sixteen destructive finishes.

Match 2: Team XO Chicken Dinner with 7 Finishes

BGMI Master Series Weekly Finals Day 1 XO Chicken Dinner


Team XO secures chicken dinner with just seven finishes in the sanhok match, which was based upon who gets the zone favor. Most of the teams died early on rotations and the ones who survived were taken out by Team XO. Sensei surely predicted the zone well this time, fulfilling his duty of IGL was something entertaining to watch.
OR again continuing their consistent performance in the sanhok match as well which was required by them to secure their place in the overall rankings table.

Match 3: Rivalry Esports Chicken Dinner with 9 Finishes

BGMI Master Series Weekly Finals Day 1 Rivalry Chicken Dinner


It was supposed to be GodLike’s Chicken Dinner but rivalry took it out of their clutches, with the number advantage. GodLike’s two players fought up until the end with some massive finishes, this shows that each player knows their duty and can execute it for the victory.
Jonathan again coming up with five finishes consistently taking out those frags like his legacy wants him to be the killing machine of BGMI.

Match 4: Orangutan Chicken Dinner with 13 Finishes

BGMI Master Series Weekly Finals Day 1 OG Chicken Dinner
Orangutan in this overall tournament has been performing on another level as they’ve been securing those chicken dinner without any sweat. The zone went all the way to Prismork this time but still, their rotation was top-notch. The compound hold from OG was just OP.
8Bit with six finishes ended up with some good placement points today. Rivalry again after getting the chicken dinner in the sanhok match they finished third in this match with just 3 finishes, which shows how they maintained their position well in the final circles.

BGMI Masters Series Weekly Finals Day 1: Points Table

BGMI Master Series Weekly Finals Day 1 Points table

Team GodLike is back with God-level performance, a massive number of finishes to their name but the only thing missing was a chicken dinner which could be conceived in the upcoming matches. Will GodLike Maintain the number one position in tomorrow’s matches will be exciting to watch as an audience.

With 47 points, GodLike Esports holds the top position for today, and Rivalry with 45 overall points ties up with OR. Chemin Esports with 44 points holds the 4th position in the overall rankings of the weekly finals.
The points difference between the top teams in week 2 finals is just a few inches away. Tomorrow we’ll see some changes in the overall rankings.
BGMI Master Series Weekly Finals Day 1 Points table


Team XO, after getting chicken dinner in the sanhok match with 7 finishes, they seem to get eliminated during the rotations and fights.
Team Xspark on the other hand had a good start of the day with erangel 2nd position. But they too were losing 4v4 battles so ended up in 11th position. Their team is quite new and they are lacking some coordination during the fights and are not able to carry out strategies well.
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