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Best Gifts for Gamers for Holiday Season 2022



Best Gifts for Gamers 2022
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Prepare for the holiday gaming season with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles and a new wave of reducing handheld devices.

Winning the holidays with gaming consoles, equipment, new games, and accessories is simple. However, it can be challenging to find exactly what you desire. Yes, the Sony PS5 is now easier to purchase than ever in its two-year history, but some research is still required. The OLED Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series X and Series S are currently rather simple. These consoles are a definite hit if you’re looking for the greatest possible gaming gift.

Even though Meta/Facebook recently increased the price, Meta’s Quest 2 is still the VR headset to beat if we go further afield. Newer VR headsets, like the PSVR 2 (for PS5), won’t be available until the following year. Meta’s new VR headgear will be far more expensive and professional-level than a typical gaming system.

As the Nintendo Switch is joined by the Analogue Pocket and Panic Playdate, two vintage-style mini-consoles that will remind you of the original GameBoy, handheld gaming is reviving in 2022. On the opposite end of the scale, Valve’s Steam Deck (which is still difficult to locate) is a fully functional portable gaming PC.

The $499 PlayStation 5 is a big favorite among gamers who like high-profile, Sony-only titles like God of War or Horizon: Forbidden West. The $499 Xbox Series X is excellent for gamers who desire an entire ecosystem of Xbox Game Pass titles compatible with Xbox, PC, tablets, and even smartphones (via cloud gaming).

The Xbox Series S, which performs nearly everything the larger Series X does but only costs $299, is our top selection for a gaming system in this price range. Another inexpensive option: For $49, you can purchase a Microsoft Xbox controller in various colors. This is a good gift because it works with Apple TVs, iPads, iPhones, gaming PCs, and Xbox.

So now we have listed down some best gifts for gamers and they can be your brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any family member.

Top 10 Best Gifts for Gamers You can give

Playstation 5

Playstation 5 best gaming gift


The PS5 is the best option for exclusive titles like God of War: Ragnarok, The Last of Us Part 1, and Horizon: Forbidden West (although some games eventually make it to PCs later on).

The PS5, on par in terms of power with the Xbox Series X, has a significant advantage thanks to its updated, redesigned controller that provides better haptic feedback. Currently, a brand-new PS Plus subscription service offers a sizable, Netflix-like collection of monthly games—mostly older ones. The PSVR 2 headset, anticipated in 2023 and has already made a significant impression, is for anyone interested in virtual reality. So PS5 is the best fit for one of the best gifts for gamers. 

Buy now at 499$ on Amazon

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S best gaming gift

The new Xbox’s smaller, more affordable Series S model runs all the same games but at a resolution of 1440, which comes between HD and 4K. More significantly, it’s ideal for playing online games like Fortnite for free or downloading and playing titles from the extensive Xbox Game Pass collection.

Buy now at $299 at Best Buy

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X best gaming gift

Powerful 4K gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X perform best when paired with similarly powerful 4K TVs. The platform provides exclusives like Halo and Forza in addition to Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and the future Starfield games from Microsoft-owned Bethesda.

The best feature of the Xbox is the fantastic Xbox Game Pass subscription plan, which costs $15/month and offers access to many of the most popular new titles and PC and cloud gaming.

Buy now at $499 at Amazon

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

Xbox Core Wireless Controller best gaming gift

The industry has adopted the Xbox controller as the unofficial standard. It connects via Bluetooth, so in addition to Xbox consoles, it also works with your PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Apple TV.

It’s as close to pick-up-and-play as a gaming accessory because almost all PC games and iOS games have already been mapped to operate with this controller.

Buy Now at $45 on Target

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED best gaming gift

This Nintendo Switch hybrid handheld’s fourth edition offers a larger, better built-in display (now an OLED screen) and an updated kickstand and TV port. This is the standard model to consider if you’re going to start using Switch or add a second console for multiplayer at home.

The following Zelda game, however, won’t be released until May 2023.

Buy Now at $350 on BestBuy

Steam Deck

Steam Deck best gaming gift

Moving the openness, flexibility, and scale of PC gaming into portable form has long been the proverbial holy grail for a dedicated subset of WASD gamers. The Steam Deck comes the closest to perfecting that recipe of anything I’ve seen.

The company that created the wildly popular Steam online game shop and platform, Valve, is the maker of the Steam Deck, but you should be well-informed before purchasing the gadget. It is a portable AMD-powered computer running Linux with the Steam OS overlay, and it can play most but not all of the PC games available on the Steam online store.

The Steam Deck is an excellent gaming device if you’re willing to experiment with settings and are familiar with general PC game troubleshooting (as opposed to the plug-and-play simplicity of living room consoles).

Buy now at $529 on Steam Powered Store

Meta Quest 2 VR headset

Meta Quest 2 VR headset best gaming gift

Image Credit: Review Geek

Even though the beginning price has increased from $299 to $399, the Quest 2 is still the most user-friendly VR headset. It can play a rather wide range of games, from shooters to puzzle games to theme park rides, and it is completely independent, requiring no wires or additional tracking cameras.

It can also be used for virtual reality meetings, virtual theatre experiences, and fitness training in addition to gaming. However, caveat emptor: When providing it to a child, tread cautiously because the user must log into Facebook.

Buy now at $399 on Amazon

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Gaming Headset best gaming gift


This remains one of the comfiest gaming headsets you’ll ever put on your ears, and it costs just $50. The Cloud Stinger 2 now offers an extended frequency response on both ends, an upgraded headband with rotating earcups, a bendier boom for the mic, and a better on-ear volume slider, among other improvements from the previous model.

Buy now at $50 on HyperX

Analogue Pocket

Analogue Pocket best gaming gift

The Analogue Pocket is a Game Boy revival fantasy that comes true for anyone with a collection of old Game Boy games. With adapters that must be purchased separately, the Pocket can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges, as well as other classic portable games like Sega Game Gear. Games run and look great thanks to a clear color screen and a battery that can be charged through USB-C. Games can also be played on a TV screen via a second dock.

Buy Now at $20 on Analogue Store

Panic Playdate

Panic Playdate best gaming gift

The Panic Playdate is a tiny, yellow device with a non-backlit black-and-white screen that plays 24 of its own exclusive indie games. A D-pad, buttons, and a quirky rotating crank that works well in many games are used for game control. The Playdate is delightful and unusual, feels highly experimental, and we have no idea what games may be released in the future. However, it will eventually become a collector’s item for fans of handheld and indie games.

Buy Now at $179 on PlayDate Store

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Unban: Samsung Securities Reveals Expected Comeback Date



bgmi unban new date
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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) fans in India are eagerly awaiting the game’s return, and recent reports have provided some hope regarding its unban date. According to a report by Samsung Securities, the financial services provider for KRAFTON, the company behind BGMI, the popular battle royale game is expected to make a comeback during the second quarter of 2023.

The news has generated a surge of excitement within the Indian gaming community, especially after various media outlets and influential individuals hinted at the possibility of BGMI returning in April or May. With the global version of the game set to release its 2.6 update in the coming weeks, anticipation for BGMI’s return is growing stronger.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was removed from virtual stores in India around nine months ago due to security concerns raised by the Indian government. Since then, players have eagerly awaited its revival. The recent report from Samsung Securities indicates that KRAFTON is aiming for BGMI to make a comeback between April and June, aligning with PUBG Mobile’s global 2.6 update.

March 2023 witnessed significant hype surrounding the much-anticipated return of BGMI. Reports suggested that the game would reintroduce itself with certain modifications mandated by the Government of India, such as limited playtime, the absence of blood, and other server-related changes. It was also mentioned that the game would be temporarily banned for three months, as KRAFTON committed to complying with all government regulations.

The report released by Samsung Securities has been widely circulated on the internet, sparking enthusiasm and joy among gamers. However, players are urged to exercise patience and await further clarification in the coming days, as they evaluate the authenticity of the upcoming rumors.

The BGMI community remains hopeful that the second quarter of 2023 will mark the long-awaited return of Battlegrounds Mobile India, bringing back the excitement and thrill of the game that captured the hearts of millions of Indian gamers.

Stay tuned for more updates on the BGMI unban and follow us at PKB News for the latest developments.

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A Decade Later, Reus Fans Rejoice as Sequel Announcement Ignites Excitement



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Reus 2 is being developed by the original creators in collaboration with Firesquid Games for publishing.

YouTube video

It’s been a long-awaited moment for devoted fans of the critically acclaimed god game, Reus, as news of a sequel finally surfaces after a decade. Released in 2013, Reus captivated players with its unique gameplay mechanics and intricate world-building. Now, as we approach the ten-year mark since its launch, the anticipation for the sequel is skyrocketing, promising an enhanced experience that will surely captivate both new and seasoned players alike.

1.Returning to the world of Reus:
The sequel will reintroduce players to the awe-inspiring world where they assume the role of powerful giants shaping the planet to nurture and guide humanity. Set in a beautifully crafted universe, players will once again have the opportunity to manipulate nature, geography, and resources to foster civilizations and witness their growth.

2. Enhanced gameplay mechanics:
Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Reus sequel promises to bring a host of exciting new gameplay features. Players can expect deeper interactions and increased complexity as they explore fresh challenges while managing various aspects of civilization development. Whether it’s cultivating resources, shaping landscapes, or mediating conflicts, the sequel aims to deliver a more immersive and engaging experience.

3. Expansive world exploration:
Venturing beyond the boundaries of the original game, the sequel will offer a vast world waiting to be discovered. Players will have the opportunity to explore new terrains, encounter unique ecosystems, and unlock additional creatures and abilities. The expanded world will provide endless possibilities for players to experiment and create their ideal civilizations.

4. Improved graphics and visuals:
The developers have acknowledged the advancements in technology over the past decade and are committed to delivering a visually stunning sequel. Players can expect improved graphics, enhanced animations, and meticulous attention to detail, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the game. The vibrant and dynamic world of Reus will come to life like never before.

5. Evolving narrative and storytelling:
While the original Reus focused primarily on the mechanics of civilization-building, the sequel aims to incorporate a more evolved narrative and storytelling experience. Players can anticipate an engaging storyline that unfolds as they progress through the game, adding depth and context to their actions. This narrative element will further immerse players into the world of Reus and create a more emotionally resonant gameplay experience.

Ten years after the initial release, the announcement of a sequel to Reus has ignited a wave of excitement among fans. With promises of enhanced gameplay mechanics, an expansive world, improved graphics, and a captivating narrative, the sequel holds tremendous potential to build upon the success of its predecessor. As the development progresses, fans eagerly await the day they can once again step into the shoes of mighty giants and shape the destiny of civilizations in the enchanting world of Reus.

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Destiny 2 Season 21 Teaser Confirms Beloved Character’s Survival



destiny 2
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Destiny 2 fans worldwide were left on the edge of their seats as the highly-anticipated teaser for Season 21 was unveiled. Among the many surprises and revelations, the teaser brought joy and relief to the community by confirming the survival of a beloved character. This unexpected twist has sparked widespread speculation and excitement as players eagerly await the upcoming season’s release.

The Teaser Unveiling:

YouTube video

In a captivating trailer released by Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2, the Season 21 teaser expertly built anticipation with its dramatic visuals and cryptic hints. As the trailer progressed, the fate of a beloved character, whose survival was uncertain, became the focal point of discussion among fans.

The Return of a Beloved Character:
To the delight of players, the teaser concluded with an impactful reveal: the beloved character in question is indeed alive. The confirmation of their survival immediately resonated with the passionate Destiny 2 community, who had long speculated and theorized about the character’s fate.

Implications and Speculations:
The revelation of the character’s survival has opened up a world of possibilities for Destiny 2’s narrative and gameplay. Players are buzzing with anticipation, eager to discover how the character’s return will shape the upcoming season and influence the ongoing story arc. The implications of their survival could bring new quests, missions, and character interactions, offering fresh and exciting content for fans to explore.

Community Response and Theories:
Destiny 2’s dedicated player base wasted no time in expressing their joy and excitement on various social media platforms and forums. The confirmation of the character’s survival has ignited a wave of speculation, as fans eagerly share their theories and predictions about how their return will impact the game’s lore and future developments.

Bungie’s Art of Storytelling:
The masterful storytelling prowess of Bungie shines through once again with the Season 21 teaser. By leaving the character’s fate in question and then finally confirming their survival, Bungie has expertly crafted a captivating narrative that resonates deeply with the player community. The developers’ ability to evoke such strong emotions and anticipation underscores their commitment to delivering immersive storytelling experiences within the Destiny universe.

The Season 21 teaser for Destiny 2 has generated immense excitement by confirming the survival of a beloved character. This unexpected twist has ignited speculation and anticipation among the game’s passionate fanbase. As players eagerly await the release of the new season, they are left to ponder the impact this character’s return will have on the game’s ongoing story and their own adventures within the Destiny universe.

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