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Grand Theft Auto 6 could have a budget of $2 billion

Grand Theft Auto 6 could have a budget of $2 billion

Recent direct messages with the notorious Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker suggest that the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series may be the most expensive. The leaker, known as “teapotuberhacker,” allegedly discussed the stolen data from Rockstar Games with other hackers. The hacker has made multiple posts in the DMs claiming that Rockstar has already spent $2.5 billion developing Grand Theft Auto 6, a figure that has since been revised.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Most Expensive Video game on the planet

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This would make Grand Theft Auto 6 the most expensive video game ever developed and the most expensive entertainment project ever. However, the data is unreliable, so it’s best to treat it cautiously.

If accurate, this figure would account for everything from the initial concept to the lucrative online component of GTA 6, including years of development costs (GTA 6 has reportedly been in early planning phases since 2014), marketing and advertising deals, full publishing and distribution costs of physical and digital media, including overseas shipments, post-launch content like expansions and story DLC, and everything in between.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Development

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If Rockstar Games intends to use GTA Online to connect GTA 5 and GTA 6, much like how Warzone connects several mainstream Call of Duty games, this final expenditure might be quite high.

Remember that while GTA 6 didn’t enter primary development until 2018, thus we still have no idea how much money Take-Two Interactive or Rockstar Games had set aside for it.

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