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New Intel Arc A770 graphics card launching in October 12 for $329

New Intel Arc A770 graphics card launching in October 12 for $329

 Intel Arc A770: For a very long time, we have awaited this moment. Intel’s forthcoming Arc A770 graphics card will be available on October 12 for $329.

At CES, Intel promised us that its future A770 and A750 graphics cards would be priced competitively, and this appears to be the case for the A770 at least. No price has been set for the A750 as of yet.

Intel Arc A770 Specs and price

Intel Arc A770
Image Credit: wccftech

That price makes a lot of sense, seeing as how the A770 is expected to compete with the RTX 3060 in performance—Intel claims it will be on par with or better in at least DX12 and Vulkan games. Although Intel claims that no RTX 3060s are available for that price, they note a price of roughly $418 for that card, making it the same MSRP as Nvidia’s popular budget GPU.

Intel did assure me in the past that we would see “a card that is faster than the [RTX] 3060 at cheaper pricing.” It must be the A750 since Intel has stated that it can keep up with (and even outperform) the RTX 3060. The A750’s price tag should also be lower than the RTX 3060’s, though we haven’t received confirmation. That being said, I really do hope Intel is capable of delivering on its promise.

New Intel Arc A770

I agree that Nvidia’s card doesn’t sell for anywhere near its list price after doing some quick research on a few websites (at least for a brand-new model rather than an open box). Even though you can find them for a bit less, like this MSI model for $410.

I see your point, Intel, though. For gamers on a tighter budget, sticking to that price and maintaining a consistent supply of cards (which it says it has plenty of but will roll out gradually) could make it a good option.

However, at this price, it must compete with AMD’s RX 6600, which initially retailed for the same amount but is now frequently available for much less. Our tests have shown that this Radeon card lags behind the RTX 3060; however, the performance of Intel’s A770 will be highly API-dependent.

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