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Nvidia releases a hotfix for Windows 11 22H2 stuttering problems

Nvidia releases a hotfix for Windows 11 22H2 stuttering problems

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Nvidia has had solid growth over the past week. Despite the excitement around the RTX 40 series’ introduction, several gamers have reported issues after upgrading to Windows 11 22H2. Players complained of stuttering and latency on social media. The inquiry led to the conclusion that the offending program was GeForce Experience.

Last week, problems were reported, as reported on Bleeping Computer. See this thread in the Windows community forum for an illustration of the issues people were facing. There were multiple reports of stuttering and lag due to sudden spikes in CPU consumption. The problems disappeared after reverting to the prior Windows version.

Nvidia Official Statement

Image Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia employee Manuel wrote on the official GeForce forums: “I appreciate your comments.” Some customers report decreased game performance on Windows 11 22H2 because new graphics debugging tools were accidentally activated. We’re trying to figure out a solution.”

That patch is now accessible. Nvidia has published a knowledge base article instructing users to download the beta version of GeForce Experience 3.26 or update from within the app. However, to install the beta version, you must first enable experimental features from within the app’s settings.

If you are having problems, you should definitely apply the update, but if you haven’t yet or don’t plan to, you might as well wait till Nvidia releases a stable version and driver. Nvidia claims this will be available the week of September 26. We should expect it any day soon.

Nvidia’s fast update rollout is commendable. The fact that it did suggests that it was an easy patch that didn’t necessitate extensive testing before being made available to the public.

Despite their apparent simplicity, drivers for graphics cards are notoriously difficult to develop. I have only a rudimentary understanding of how computers function, so there are moments when I have to pinch myself that they do.

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