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Black Adam: DCEU to adapt one of DC’s bloodiest crossovers

Black Adam: DCEU to adapt one of DC’s bloodiest crossovers

Increasing anticipation for Black Adam indicates that the upcoming film will likely live up to the high expectations being set for it. Given the present situation of the films, many are curious to see if Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam changes the power structure in the DC Extended Universe. One of DC’s biggest brawls may finally make it to the big screen if the reported setup for a fight between Superman and Black Adam pans out.

Black Adam: DC’s World War III Storyline Suggests some hidden clues

Some have speculated that a cinematic adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths is in the works for the DCEU. Black Adam, however, introduces the possibility of a more modest but spectacular crossover to take the place of the film above. That would mean Black Adam would declare war on the Justice League, the Justice Society, and anybody else who stands in his path.

Several failed attempts halt the Kahndaqui king, culminating with Aquaman selling his soul and becoming the enigmatic Dweller in the Depths. In the end, Captain Marvel is the only one who can end the bloodshed by restoring Black Adam to human form with the help of the magic lightning of Shazam. But the enormous human cost rendered it a hollow triumph at best.

From what we’ve seen so far, it’s evident that the DCEU’s Black Adam has no qualms about killing anyone who gets in his way. In and of itself, that’s enough to make him a potential DCEU-wide nemesis, and the shared universe already has the other ingredients for bringing World War III from the pages of comic books to the big screen. Atom Smasher is a member of the Justice Society that Black Adam will introduce in this universe. The movie also features Isis in her human form. Thus it’s possible that she becomes powerful and joins Black Adam’s “Black Shazam Family.” If this is the case, Black Adam’s fury can easily be sparked by the story’s inevitable conclusion: her death.

Black Adam has no Moral boundaries

Black Adam
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One of the 52 main stories in DC Comics centered on Black Adam and World War III. Black Adam’s loved ones, including his wife Isis, were murdered as part of the conspiracy. In her dying breath, she begged Teth-Adam to take revenge on humanity and cause widespread destruction. Multiple groups band together to stop his rampage, including the superhero teams known as the Teen Titans, Justice League, and Justice Society. Black Adam had been on the previous squad and still held a measure of grudging respect and allegiance for many of its current members. Even after Black Adam’s atrocity, Al Rothstein, aka Atom Smasher, remained a close buddy of his.

If Adam were to launch a global attack, it would be enough to unite the Justice League and the Justice Society, thus providing the DCEU with the direction and consistency it has lacked for nearly a decade. Heroes like the Teen Titans might be replaced by the Suicide Squad or a comparable squad, and they might all fail to stop Black Adam. The only way the movie’s version of the World’s Mightiest Mortal would have a chance against Black Adam is if Shazam used his lightning to depower him. It would be a fantastic lyrical coda.

Black Adam’s movie career could end if World War III happens, but it’s better off dead than in the DC Extended Universe. Given that characters like Black Adam and Blue Beetle are now being introduced, a rushed Crisis film would rebuild the DCEU from scratch. The DCEU would be able to go forward with fresh plots and celebrate ten years of movies in grand style by banding together to defeat Black Adam.

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