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Dead Space Remake is expected to launch in 2023, Not for PS4?

Dead Space Remake is expected to launch in 2023, Not for PS4?

Despite what a recent preview may have led you to believe, the Dead Space remake will not be coming to PS4. The latest teaser for EA Motive’s adaptation of Dead Space demonstrates how stunning the unfathomable sci-fi horrors will look on next-gen devices. Remakes of beloved classics often divide audiences, but Dead Space has generated surprisingly positive buzz, perhaps because the original game still holds up well despite its age.

Dead Space Legacy

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Dead Space was a groundbreaking action horror game in 2008, and its sequel will give gamers a second chance to see Isaac Clarke and the ghastly Necromorphs in early 2010. While the core elements of the beloved sci-fi horror franchise will remain the same (including the intricate tale), Motive is improving and growing every facet. With new features like Isaac’s mood-influencing speech and improved aesthetics, it’s hoped that both old and new players would enjoy Dead Space’s reboot.

Dead Space Available Consoles and more

As Playstation Latinoamérica hinted in a promo for the upcoming remake of Dead Space, the PS4 version of the game is expected to launch in 2023. Dead Space will only be available on new-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC, IGN reports. Despite the trailer’s excitement over Dead Space’s possible availability on previous consoles (and perhaps Xbox One), the remake was declared a new-gen exclusive.

Given that Dead Space will include no loading windows, it’s understandable that re-releasing such a spectacular game would necessitate next-gen hardware. Only when Isaac dies will the remake have to load, which could be pretty often for some players, given the sci-fi game’s heavy emphasis on dramatic action sequences. Although the gameplay is pretty immersive, The Motive appears to be focused on the frightening, claustrophobic settings and terrifying sound design of the 2008 edition of Dead Space.

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Even in the limited gameplay demos seen thus far, Dead Space’s aesthetic and atmosphere are incredibly tense. With even more realistic visuals than in 2008, it’s sure to be thrilling to jump into the role of Isaac and be thrust into the mining spaceship. Callisto Protocol, which features similarly breathtaking horrific sci-fi aesthetics and action-packed gameplay, will be released a month before the Dead Space reboot. Dead Space creator Glen Schofield also serves as Callisto Protocol’s director. It will be fascinating to compare this game to the Dead Space Remake and see how it contributes to the sci-fi horror genre.

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