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GTA 6 could have chaotic real-time hurricane destruction in Vice City

GTA 6 could have chaotic real-time hurricane destruction in Vice City

High winds easily rip off roofs, and torrential rains increase the flood levels, but that’s not all the storms destroy. Ocean and river water floods can wipe out entire communities. The recent destruction in Fort Myers caused by Hurricane Ian’s unrelenting category 4-force winds is a critical example of the havoc that such storms may cause. It inspired a fun idea that Rockstar Games may implement in GTA 6’s plot.


GTA Vice City

What if major events in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game were affected by real-time storms? What if players were thrust into the middle of a plot that involved surviving a hurricane that caused severe damage to Vice City—perhaps even a category four or five storm? That much mayhem would make for an unforgettable scene worthy of the biggest Hollywood movies.

With the massive power increases of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, Rockstar could do some incredible new things.

GTA 6 Visual Effects

In 2021, I came across a job posting for a VFX Artist that hinted at the mechanics of widespread destruction, and that’s when I came up with my theory.

As the developers put it, “the visual effects help to immerse the player in a believable world, from ambient effects for things like insects about the player and rain pouring off buildings up to large-scale destructive events like skyscrapers toppling to the ground.”

gta 6 vice city

Fort Myers beach was entirely destroyed by Hurricane Ian, which wreaked havoc on the rest of Southwest Florida. Storm surges of 6 feet and winds of up to 155 miles per hour were experienced in the region. Tampa Bay was emptied by Ian, who then dragged the water towards the oncoming hurricane; after the storm hit, the water quickly rushed back in.

If Rockstar Games could replicate this in Grand Theft Auto VI, it would have a significant impact.

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