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Overwatch 2: A new character named Kiriko Settles a Long-Standing Debate

Overwatch 2: A new character named Kiriko Settles a Long-Standing Debate

Overwatch is one of the most played games of the previous decade since it revolutionized the hero and team shooter genres. It resulted in a vibrant online competitive shooter with engaging protagonists. Not content with only redefining online shooters, Blizzard also created a whole new type of shooter. Blizzard didn’t just make a fascinating online game; they also developed a rich and complex plot for players to explore. The plot, though, has never been simple. Players must rely on other sources without a dedicated story mode to fill in the backstory.

Overwatch 2: Kiriko’s Character and more

Overwatch 2 abilities
Image Credit: Polygon

Overwatch 2 has recently been launched, and with it comes a brand new support character named Kiriko. Not much of Kiriko’s backstory has been revealed yet, although her gameplay hints at the otherworldly presence. In the promotional animations for her character, she is seen with a little ghost-like fox, and when she unleashes her ultimate attack, the fox dashes in front of the team, offering several bonuses to whoever follows in its footsteps. Kitsune Rush is an ability named after a Japanese fox spirit, from whence the name was derived. Kiriko and the fox both respond to Kiriko in some of her animations. This would indicate that the fox is at least partially intelligent, as it recognizes Kiriko and responds to its surroundings.

Overwatch’s plot is conveyed in a non-linear fashion through environmental storytelling, character design, speech, and other animated shorts. Blizzard intended for the backstory to be present for those interested, but the game could also be enjoyed by others who cared less about the plot.

Many fan-made hypotheses and rumors have been developed to fill the gap left by the scarcity of official canon lore. Most fans are confident that their interpretation of the myth is correct, but many are still unsure about one thing: the reality of magic. Many insist no magic exists, while others insist that some supernatural element must be present. The newest hero in Overwatch could end this heated dispute.

Overwatch 2: Character’s Abilities

Overwatch 2 3
Image Credit: Twinfinite

In the past, Blizzard has been hesitant to dive into the backstory of characters’ abilities. Therefore the company has yet to formally reveal what the fox is. Some players have been under the idea from the game’s initial release that there is no magic in Overwatch because of the early mythology disclosures. However, the accuracy of this material is questionable, and it may be revised in the future to better suit the authors’ purposes. Kiriko’s fox appears to be a guardian spirit who assists her in battle.

Although it’s highly improbable that Kiriko’s powers can be explained technically, she could be a highly advanced artificial intelligence. In this game, hamsters can control robots, and a dragon can be shot with an arrow. In Overwatch, magic is the most natural explanation for the abilities of various heroes. Those adept at the mystical arts include Hanzo, Genji, and Mercy. Nonetheless, science is as potent as magic in this universe, and many heroes’ abilities include impressive scientific feats. It’s possible; you just need to use your imagination.

Kiriko’s personality and powers imply the presence of magic or the supernatural in the Overwatch universe. Because of her ties to the Shimada, Genji and Hanzo’s skills may be on par with hers. The answer may still be up in the air, as Blizzard has not yet issued a statement. Having heroes that can use magic to their advantage would make the story more exciting and unique. There is, however, one certainty: Blizzard must update fans on the Overwatch plot soon.

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