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Super Mario Movie trailer looks cursed as we imagined

Super Mario Movie trailer looks cursed as we imagined

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The first trailer for Nintendo’s highly-anticipated “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has arrived, and it looks like an animated adventure with some seriously meme-worthy casting. Fans were eager to see how this movie would be off the rails with Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser. The trailer premiered at New York Comic Con, where it was simultaneously webcast and on Nintendo of America’s YouTube Channel, which attracted over 600,000.

Super Mario movie trailer

Super Mario Movie

The trailer could have been extended more, but it still interested me. At long last, Chris Pratt’s voice emerged from the animated form of Mario, and it was delightfully strange. In addition, Keegan-Michael Key’s portrayal of Toad, who scolds Mario for mistaking him for a mushroom, is hilarious right from the bat. A sassy toad, perhaps? Yes, sir!

At the trailer’s beginning, Bowser is seen back on his schtick, trying to grab our stars like a game of “Mario Party.” True to their name, the Koopa Troopas act as troops and accompany Bowser to his snowy castle, where he orders them to open the doors. A few penguins make feeble attempts to fend him off with snowballs but ultimately fail.

Super Mario Movie nintendo

So far, Black is fully immersed in his role as the fearsome Mario antagonist.

When asked how long it took to master fire breathing, she said, “Do you have any idea?” In a video that ran alongside the preview, Black deadpanned. The Kiss bassist Gene Simmons was a great teacher.

Our very own Greg Kumparak has said, “Bowser looks frightening!” Mario represents Chris Pratt.

Mario is introduced to us as he falls from a warp pipe through a mushroom-filled fantasy kingdom, only to land unceremoniously alone in the field. Chris Pratt’s portrayal of Mario reminds us more of Andy Dwyer than Star-Lord, and we appreciate that.

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