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GTA 6 Reveal Date May Announce This Week

GTA 6 Reveal Date May Announce This Week

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Will Rockstar Games finally reveal Grand Theft Auto 6 this week? Well, there’s some fresh rumor going around that says it might happen. The upcoming Grand Theft Auto game was announced to be in development by Rockstar Games at the beginning of the year. And that was all it had to say about the game that had everyone talking.

Since then, Rockstar Games has said nothing on the game, and there is still no official word on when this might change. There have been numerous rumors and rumours of a reveal taking place this year or more likely at some point in 2019. Clearly, the aforementioned theory states the former.

GTA 6 Insider Rumour

The rumor comes from Tez2, a well-known Rockstar Games insider. Tomorrow, Thursday, November 3, there is a “fair chance” that Rockstar Games will reveal details regarding the upcoming GTA Online update, according to the Tez2. Additionally, it seems possible that it contains information about GTA 6.

“Considering a new GTA+ event will start and the new Heist Challenge. I know this isn’t related to GTA 6, but I like to speculate, which I like to remind yall isn’t a fact, that Rockstar could announce the info in a sort of a ‘Community Update.’ Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk about my educated guess.” Tez2 said, “So this Thursday, there’s a fair chance Rockstar may announce info about the next GTA Online update.”

As you can see, Tez2 presents the GTA 6 part of this as a guess; yet, it is a guess that is undoubtedly built upon insider knowledge and insight, which is why it has been circulating among GTA fans. The good thing about the rumors is that by tomorrow night, we shall know whether they are true or false.

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As always, please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section. Do you believe Rockstar Games will soon release a GTA 6 update? If not, when do you suppose we’ll see a trailer for the reveal? Before the year is out, around 2023, or later?

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