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Xbox Cloud Gaming getting a smoother streaming experience on ChromeOS, Steam Deck, and More

Xbox Cloud Gaming getting a smoother streaming experience on ChromeOS, Steam Deck, and More

You receive an improvement in quality if you use a Steam Deck and are an Xbox Cloud Gaming subscriber.

Spotted by Windows Central, Xbox employee Jordan Cohen posted the information on Reddit. According to Cohen, ChromeOS and Linux gamers may enjoy “a higher resolution and smoother streaming experience.”

Hi everyone! We’ve just released a set of performance improvements on Xbox Cloud Gaming for gamers playing via browser on Linux and ChromeOS devices. You can expect a higher resolution and smoother streaming experience.

Xbox Employee

This implies that your gaming experience with Xbox Cloud Gaming is about to improve if you use a Chromebook, a PC running the Linux operating system, or anything like the Steam Deck, which runs on Linux.

According to Cohen, this boost is the result of Xbox updating the technology that powers Xbox Cloud Gaming. No matter what device you use to access the game streaming service, according to the Xbox employee, you should notice a “more consistent” experience.

These modifications also represent the end of sustained changes from our current streaming solution for gaming in browsers. No matter what device you use, you should now experience the browser more consistently.

The improvement in quality comes a few weeks after Microsoft revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming had crossed 20 million users. A remarkable achievement for a company that is still finding its footing in the gaming industry while Google Stadia and other game streaming services fade away, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the game streaming service’s user base increased by 100% over the past year.

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Xbox’s CEO also recently confirmed that the price of the company’s consoles will rise in 2019. As a result, now is a great time for Xbox Cloud Gaming to improve for people who want to play games with Xbox but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a console.

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