MSI has been a bit of a juggernaut recently regarding its products; whether it's motherboards, graphics cards, or laptops, MSI has something for everyone.

Even while gaming laptops, especially those 17 inches, can be pricey, this GameStop offer reduces the cost to a relatively affordable $840, from $1,299 to a $459 saving.

The graphics card's ability to handle running games on larger screens is the main worry, but the MSI Alpha 17's screen is a 144Hz Full HD monitor.

Fortunately, you also receive a Radeon RX6600M GPU, which, if you're not familiar with the AMD lineup, is roughly similar to an RTX 3060.

If you want to use your laptop as a desktop alternative at home, you can also get a good price on a gaming monitor. 

The MSI Alpha 17 is a great gaming laptop if you're looking for a larger screen without breaking the bank, which is typically the case with all-AMD PCs.

With the GameStop offer, you can pick one up for just $840, a savings of $459 off the $1,299 regular price.

With only a 512GB SSD, the storage is on the small side, so you'll probably want to pick up an external hard drive deal to complement that.