The enormous leak of information about Grand Theft Auto 6 revealed several new elements, one of which is a potential alteration to the desired system.

On September 18, a massive leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 revealed the game's setting, characters, vehicles, weaponry, and more.

London police reported that they had arrested a 17-year-old suspect in connection with the hack; the teen had pleaded not guilty to computer abuse charges.

Nawnp, a Reddit member, wrote, "From the leaked footage, it appears to be a timer related to when the cops will arrive on the site."

Dedicated Grand Theft Auto 6 has uncovered a potential revamp to the wanted system that might significantly alter how the game is played.

When more than 90 photographs and videos were leaked, the community went into overdrive trying to analyze them all.

Some estimates put the budget for GTA 6 at above $2 billion, making it perhaps one of the most expensive video games ever made.

When a murder is reported, the cops in GTA 6 arrive considerably more quickly than when a gas station is robbed. But this is all conjecture at this point.

They worry that if police react differently to different crime levels, a police reaction timeline will only add additional complexity to the wanted system.