A new support character named Kiriko has been added to Overwatch 2 after its release.

When it comes to hero and team shooters, Overwatch completely shook things up, making it one of the most played games of the last decade.

Blizzard did more than design an interesting online game; it also created a deep and intricate storyline for users to delve into.

Because of her unique character and abilities, Kiriko suggests that magic or the supernatural exists in the Overwatch universe.

Although Kiriko's gameplay alludes to an ethereal existence, not much of her history has been disclosed.

She is accompanied by a spectral tiny fox that dashes in front of the squad as an added boost to her final assault.

The Kitsune Rush ability takes its name from a Japanese fox spirit of the same name.

The story of Overwatch is told in an unconventional, animated form using a combination of cutscenes, character dialogue, and in-game events.

As a result of the dearth of canonical sources, several fan-created theories and rumors have emerged to fill the void.