The first trailer for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," a film based on the popular video game franchise, has arrived and looks like an animated adventure.

Over 600,000 people saw the trailer's debut on Nintendo of America's YouTube channel and during the broadcast at New York Comic Con.

Finally, We could hear Chris Pratt's voice coming from Mario in animation, which was wonderfully bizarre.

Keegan-Michael Key's portrayal of Toad, who scolds Mario for mistaking him for a mushroom, is also entertaining from the get-go.

The trailer opens with a scene of Bowser, seemingly unchanged from his "Mario Party" days, once again trying to kidnap our stars.

The Koopa Troopas serve as Bowser's actual troops, marching with him to his ice castle and opening the gates when he tells them to.

To begin, we meet Mario as he plummets through a warp pipe and a mushroom-filled dream country before crashing to the ground alone in the field.

A few penguins try to fight him off with snowballs, but they're easily knocked back.

We prefer Chris Pratt's portrayal of Mario over his role as Star-Lord because it is reminiscent of Andy Dwyer.