Jude "F1NN5TER," an English Twitch streamer, was astounded when TenMuses, one of his viewers, gave a staggering $30,000 during his livestream.

TenMuses, who regularly donates to Jude's channel, is renowned for giving as much as $10,000 at once.

Although streamers are used to getting donations for absurd amounts of money, the user above has also made sizable donations in the past.

His most recent victory was F1NN5TER's highest income from a single donation. The streamer responded to the sum with an apparent shock.

TenMuses is known to F1NN5TER because the latter has repeatedly donated to his channel, as was previously mentioned.

One of the most-followed Minecraft streamers on the site is F1NN5TER. He currently has more than 536K followers on Twitch.

He is a member of the iDots gaming clan, which is Anglo-American. Three more people make up the group: Skeppy, Zelk, and JustVurb.

In many of his videos, especially those on his YouTube channel, he plays practical jokes on the audience by posing as an "e-girl."

The 22-year-old has since changed his mind about the choice after being informed of the surgery's complications.